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ABOUT THE HOTEL HILL CREST {Hunder Distance From Leh - 125km }

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Ladakh, the moon land is known as the crown of India and Nubra (land of flowers) especially Hunder With the following prominent, distinctive and striking features symbolizes the priceless gem of the crown

The renowned morning and afternoon double humped bacterian camel ride on world famous sand dunes on the left bank of river Shyok - one of the most exciting and wonderous gifts of nature to humanities is the undoubted, unparalleled and incomparable tourist attraction in Ladakh.
Skalzang-Maney is a wall made of stones and slates with carved names of thousand Buddhas of the current aeon. Seemingly, it does not look so important but in actuality, it is regarded as one of the holiest places of veneration in the entire Himalayan region including Tibet because of the sacredness and sanctity of the inscriptions.
The pleasant atmosphere of the village throughout the summer because of the jumping, sparkling and crystal clear glacier water of Hunder stream and the luxuriant vegetation of the village and River Shyok bank
Now, in the heart of the village, between the bifurcated link roads while entering from the sand dune lies “HOTEL HILL CREST” warmly inviting the guests for memorable stay with staff of Good Culinary skills and ever ready to warmly welcome you 16 rooms with double beds with central heating system equipped all essentials at reasonable rate. The unobstructed
charming view of the surroundings from the the windows and balconies is a bonus. ‘Time slips but memory stays ’as the saying goes, so please do not forget to take along the sweet memory of the unique trip to LADAKH as your precious souvenir.